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What does a transmission control module do

what does a transmission control module do According to a statement from FCA, that bracket "may apply too much force and disrupt the Oct 10, 2021 · If you’re asking how much does it cost to fix a transmission control module, it may cost around $500 up to $900. The (TCM) transmission control module can be a standalone controller or located in the (PCM) powertrain control module. Nov 21, 2008 · The transmission control converts the driver's shift requests into corresponding control signals to the clutch and the 5-speed automated manual transmission. If you have a Tech2Win then you should be able to Based on the position information, the transmission control module regulates the electrical power of the motors in order to bring them in the expected position. Here you can find accurate Dodge Avenger, Dodge Caliber, Dodge Caravan, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, Dodge Dakota, Dodge Dart, Dodge Durango, Dodge Grand Caravan, Dodge Hi guys! if you find this video useful you can help me by donating , it don’t matter if it’s a small amount. Honda Transmission – Diagnosing A Bad Control Module. April 4, 2013. Signs your powertrain control module is failing can include engine stalling, misfiring, or failing to start at all because it is not receiving the proper signals from the PCM. Plenty of people still swear by manual shift transmissions claiming they’re the only way to truly experience what your engine is capable of, but automatic transmission has become commonplace and allows many more people to enjoy the privilege of driving. It continues to learn to fine-tune these values. The TCM receives information in both analogue and digital form and uses this information to select the most appropriate gear for the current conditions. The first is known as the input shaft speed (ISS A stored code P0613 means that the transmission control module (TCM) has detected an internal control processor malfunction. Access the Service Programming System (SPS) and follow the on-screen instructions. Sensors electronically send information to the transmission control module, and this information is used to calculate gear shifting. To program an existing transmission control module (TCM), perform the following procedure: 1. The transmission control module must be calibrated to reflect the different combinations of equipment available. New battery (mechanic said it didnt help) $94 2. 2. But on some vehicles, the information is often found in a separate Transmission Control Module (TCM) or Body Control Module (BCM). Automatic Transmission Control Module. Expect the TCM component to cost from $450 up to $700, and labor may be from $50 up to $200. May 19, 2009 · Should I change the Transmission Control Module? or the Conductor plate next?. Every car made in the last 50 years has a switch similar to an MLPS. Transmission relearn. It allows for smooth transition from one gear to the next, so when it starts to malfunction, then it can cause you serious problems and make it difficult to operate the vehicle effectively. Apr 04, 2013 · Tech Tip: Help with VW/Audi control module coding. This sticker shows all of the installed equipment in the vehicle. 29 Next page Jun 27, 2009 · transmission control module - does all the shifting, etc. This saves automakers space, time, and money. Cause Fig. May 14, 2014 · The ECM controls everything that has to do with the engine like fuel injectors,throttle position sensor,cam sensor ect. Sep 15, 2015 · The Dart's problem is linked to its transmission control module and a bracket that holds it in place. Contents • “Transmission Control Module (TCM), Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)”, page 2 Note: Information is subject to change without notice. TCS – Transmission Control Switch . The Mercedes 722. We carry a large selection of transmission control systems and units to regulate your transmission's automatic gear shifting. Jan 01, 2021 · 3 Major Signs of a Bad Transmission Control Module. It receives input from various sensors to activate the various solenoids, the (TCC) torque converter clutch, control line pressure, and provide smooth shift timing. View Image Gallery. For the Transmission Control Module (TCM) to do this, it requires information from various sensors. Do any one know what the latest firmware updates do for thoose things. Do I have to support and jack up the transmission with a transmission jack? No, the transmission does not have to be supported as you will only be taking off the cover plate and TCM 5. When programming a Transmission Control Module on the Equinox, you will need to get the programming calibration number from the original module before programming the new module. My question is would the dealership have to reprogram the module? PROGRAMMED GM Transmission control Module TCM 24234503 24242391 24252114. We at Auto Module Source provide Dodge Transmission Control Modules auto computers. There are many cruze owner,s with this same issue,the bad is you can,t just take one out of another car,it will not work,gm put chip in it ,it has to be programmed by a dealer. How much does a new TCM cost? The dealer quoted $308 for a new Conductor plate. I went to an Indie and was quoted as follows: 1. Every time a gear is shifted, the car’s computer – Engine Control Module (ECM) or Transmission Control Module (TCM) – actuates a transmission solenoid, which pushes transmission fluid into the valve body to engage Purchase transmission control modules online from JEGS High Performance. It manages the engine, transmission and other systems based on information it receives from various sensors around the vehicle. It lives inside the transmission and swims in the transmission fluid. A powertrain control module (PCM), also known as the engine control unit (ECU) or module (ECM), is an electronic device that regulates many of a vehicle's important functions and has a direct impact on how well the car runs. Here you can find accurate BMW 318I, BMW 318IC, BMW 318IS, BMW 318TI, BMW 320I, BMW 323CI, BMW 323I, BMW 323IC, BMW 323IS, BMW 325CI, BMW Sep 16, 2014 · Transmission control module,control,s when your car change,s gears,and is one of GM,s mistake in building this type module,but it is expensive,to replace it. If the Transmission is experiencing a miscommunication, this code will appear. Anything counts , link down below Thanks ^_^htt Dec 04, 2018 · The Transmission Control Module does exactly what it sounds like—controls your car’s transmission. So, in essence, you can put a replacement transmission in your car and still have a problem. This condition may be caused by any of the following: Automatic Transmission Control Module. The engine control module (DME) and transmission control module (TCM) work in conjunction to provide the best driving experience. Tips on determining the coding when replacing a control module in a VW or Audi vehicle. #3. Engine Control Module (ECM/TCM) Incompatible: Fault code P0614 May 15, 2020 · These sensors work in tandem to send the powertrain control module (i. 1: Locating Components Courtesy of GENERAL MOTORS CORP. TCM – Transmission Control Module . On newer car transmission designs, the fluid flow is directed by electric solenoids, which are operated by either the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or the Transmission Control Module (TCM). At the heart of the system are computers (control modules) used to make decisions based on sensor and user inputs. be referred to as the Transmission Control Module Assembly (TCMA). basically all it does is relay what gear your in to the transmission control module 95% of the time it's caused by the electronic shifter module not relaying the proper information to the transmission module. Acceleration will be virtually non-existent and the car will suddenly feel like it is very heavy . TCS – Transmission Controlled Spark (GM) TCS – Traction Control Switch . The service number on your TCM appears as one of the below + 4 irrelevant trailing digits, for example: 242345031234. Since then, I have been experiencing battery drain. Nov 04, 2009 · What does a Jaguar transmission control module do? The TCM is the brain behind the gearbox on your car, it controls the gear change in autos as its main use but in all gearboxes (auto and manual) it controls items such as limited slip diffs, sports modes, clutch control, snow modes and monitors the general condition of the gearbox where possible. The video features about transmission control module, its function, responsibilities, problems and solutions. e. Nissan Murano. It affects the functioning of things ranging from a vehicle's charging system to its transmission. Apr 14, 2021 · When the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) senses an electrical problem, it might prevent the transmission from shifting. The TCM on most BMW vehicles is located in the E-Box next to the ECM (DME). Dec 12, 2019 · Mercedes Benz Intelligent Servo Module(A80 component) is located on the outside of passenger side of the transmission and to remove is a major job. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION TRANSMISSION CONTROL MODULE (TCM) 4AT-90 D: LOCKUP CONTROL The TCM has pre-programmed lockup clutch engagement and disengagement conditions for each gear and shift pattern. The MLPS or manual lever position sensor is one of the vitally important inputs to the transmission control unit (TCU) of a vehicle with modern computerized automatic transmission. electronic shifter module - located down in the shifter assembly. It requires removal of drive shaft, transmission bracket and other additional loads. The best part of this module is it is also totally supportable over the internet with free software, no need to send it back to get changes made. What happens for a lousy transmission module is an ‘Incorrect or Unpredictable’ shifting. This is to prevent any damage, or perhaps any further damage, from occurring. Transmission Control Module Programming Tip. There are a number of ECU’s throughout your vehicle that regulate how different components work, they can be found regulating your car’s air and heating systems, transmission, sliding doors, and body Feb 27, 2018 · A transmission solenoid is an electro-magnetic component used to control the flow of transmission fluid in the transmission. Solenoids are electro-hydraulic valves that control one or more gears depending on the transmission and build of the car. Or simply, it could be caused by poor connection within the transmission. Do I really need to disconnect the fuel feed pipe and EVAP pipe quick disconnect from the EVAP purge solenoid for this job? Mar 01, 2005 · TCIL – Transmission Control Indicator Lamp . Mack Truck Models: MRU, LEU. It is the computer that controls the transmission The transmission control module combines the TCM, valve body solenoids, pressure and temperature switches into one consolidated unit. We at Auto Module Source provide BMW Transmission Control Modules auto computers. Best regards Mr Brannstrom Nov 18, 2015 · The power relay control circuit is a circuit within the transmission electrical system. Your vehicle’s transmission control module works alongside the engine and the transmission to keep you moving forward. One of the best advances in the automobile industry was automatic transmission. valve body between the transmission case and the valve body. the powertrain control module controls just transmission related components The system will fail and be unresponsive if the control module does not know the exact position of the shift motor. , the computer that manages the engine and transmission) the speed difference between the engine crankshaft and the The powertrain control module monitors a car's emissions. BMW Transmission Control Modules. I can find one myself online for like 50 bucks or pull one from a salvage yard. Oct 28, 2021 · BMW E53 X5 models have a sophisticated electronic control system. The transmission control module does this by monitoring and remembering the typical driving style of a driver and the operating conditions of the vehicle at the time. TCM's may need to be programmed for your application. AWD, FITTING, ASSEMBLY. The transmission control module helps the vehicle know when to change gears. ∙ 2012-03-28 11:46:14. The engine control module (ECM) communicates with the TCM to monitor the automatic transmission for faults. SPS (GM's Program) will ask for this number before prompted to program. TDI – Turbo May 26, 2020 · There are many ECU's on your truck, how can you determine which one is the problem? We have compiled some Mack Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) guides to help you interpret these codes and understand these codes. Each time the ignition is turned on and the The engine control module (ECM, also known as powertrain control module) is the main computer that controls most of your engine's performance functions. Car makers switched to this design for several reasons: to reduce overall vehicle weight by reducing the size and quantity of copper wire used, to monitor and All 4L80E transmission use electronic controls; typically from the Powertrain Control Module. High RPM needed to overcome the free wheeling. A portion of the PCM's strategy is shift stabilization, which reduces hunting. The transmission itself, except for the valve body and speed sensor, is virtually the same as a full hydraulically controlled transmission, but it also consists of electronic parts, sensors, an Mar 18, 2020 · How Does a BCM Control Unit Work? Automotive Body Control Module is a multi-faceted electronic component that supports multiple functions, the foremost being the management of a gamut of automotive body electronics. It can be seen after removing the transmission pan attached to the valve body. This is why when the control module goes bad, the engine suffers functionality issues as well. but the last couple days the battery has been dead and needed a jump. The vehicle free wheels above 48 km/h (30 mph). Oct 10, 2015 · The Transmission Electro-Hydraulic Control Module, often called TEHCM or TCM, is another non-robust part in the terrible transmission on these things. Unpredictable Shifting An ‘Automatic Transmission’ relies on the ‘Transmission Control Module’ for a predictable shifting. . The dealership wants to charge over $250 to install a new Transmission Control Module, which is complete rubbish. The transmission control module helps the vehicle's transmission work efficiently and dependably. TCU Transmission Control Module Unit Parts, A2C53377498 TCU Module, CNC Aluminum Alloy Transmission Valve Body Fit for Ford Focus Fiesta Accessories 2011-2018 (01) 1 offer from $171. Dealer estimate $2035. of weight compared to the transmission electro-hydraulic control module (TEHCM). The TC-2 Transmission Control Module (TCM) is capable of setting and storing transmission electrical codes and to respond to scan tool output controls. In December I was having issues and had the Transmission Control Module replaced on my 2014 Fiesta SE under a service bulletin. The Transfer Case Control Module (TCCM) is a specialty of the General Motor’s 4WD operation. Mar 30, 2020 · The transmission control solenoid communicates to a car when it is time to shift gears, if the car has an automatic transmission. 6 transmission is no stranger to problems. With this information the TCM can adjust the timing of the shifts and the operation of the torque converter clutch to provide good power and smooth shifting at the right times. The position of the transmission control module is found under the center console in the interior or under the hood near the car battery. Jul 29, 2020 · The transmission control module can often be found below the cover at the back of the transmission and should be located just near the engine control module’s position. The control module of a vehicle is basically the computer that does the thinking for an engine's control system. When the TCM detects a malfunction with the control, a signal is send to the Engine Control Module (ECM) to trigger the Engine Light or Service Engine Soon light. Generally, multiple solenoids are used in a system, and each has color-coded wires for ease of identification and replacement. In some cases, the TCM may be separate from the powertrain control module (PCM). It takes in information about various systems from sensors and Oct 10, 2013 · An ignition module is the component in electronic ignition systems that functions as the contact breaker for the coil or coils. The TCM has preset data to compare these inputs and make the Electronic Transmission Control Transmission Control Module The TCM receives inputs, processes information and actuates the output elements to pro-vide optimal shift points. Apr 03, 2020 · What is a TCM (Transmission Control Module) Apr 3, 2020 | Blog, Transmissions. If you don't already know, we are talking about the EGS51, or transmission control module (TCM). Sep 02, 2015 · The transmission control module is designed to run for long period without experiencing any major problems, though excess heat from the engine and continuous use can negatively affects it function over time. The engagement and disengagement conditions are defined in terms of the throttle valve position and vehicle speed. Install EL-49642 SPS programming support tool. This illuminates the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) to let the Nov 07, 2020 · The powertrain control module, aka PCM, is your vehicle’s brain. The TCM sits on the outside of the GM 8-Speed transmission and incorporates more aluminum and magnesium components, saving 8 lbs. after stopping at the traffic light the engine should not be started manually, the transmission control module will start it automatically. Nov 03, 2018 · Nov 3, 2018. All of its functions involve the shift – processing the shift request, executing it, and verifying the completion. If the controller senses an electrical issue, It will prompt the CPP Engine Control Module (ECM) to turn on the malfunction indicator light (MIL). A transmission control unit (TCU) is an electro A transmission control unit ( TCU ), also known as a transmission control module ( TCM ), or a gearbox control unit ( GCU ), is a type of automotive ECU that is used to control electronic automatic transmissions. They control the flow of transmission fluid by opening or closing based on electric signals. Sensors and data provided by the Engine Control Module calculate various components that identify how well your car or truck is performing. I thought it was just an old battery and replaced it. A procedure has been developed called Pinion Factor. The TCM receives the following inputs from the engine control module (ECM): • Nov 29, 2017 · The data is stored in the Transmission Control Module (TCM). So many times it turns out that the problem does not require you to replace the engine or transmission, or if replacement is needed, the ECM or TCM transmission control module may be the culprit. Jan 07, 2016 · The engine control module (ECM), also commonly referred to as the engine control unit (ECU) or powertrain control module (PCM), is one of the most important components found on virtually all modern vehicles. 3. Some car owners reduce parts replacement costs or transmission control module replacement costs by buying parts online. Transmission Control Module or TCM: Transmission OBD2 code P0613. A transmission control solenoid is located in the valve body in the ‘transmission control unit (TCU) of a system. It controls the electronically-operated 4-wheel-drive system. It’s a type of ECU, or engine control unit. At the most basic level, it receives inputs from various sensors and then provides outputs to transmission components to ensure optimal operation. Easytronic 3. Besides, the root of the problem may be a shorted wire. Usually if it is a contact plate problem, the 4WD module will output code P1867 for contact plate circuit failure. Nov 23, 2020 · Resetting the transmission is resetting the transmission control unit such that the stored shift pressure and timing values that have been learned over time are reset to default values. On the SPS Supported Controllers screen, select K20 K71 Engine and Transmission Control Nov 18, 2021 · Allison VARIOUS ALLISON MODELS Transmission Control Module (TCM) $195 USD. TCP – Temperature Compensated Accelerator Pump (Ford) TCP – Torque Charger . See Answer. Troubles in this system can set off a chain of events that can incur large-scale damage to the car. Jun 23, 2021 · The TCM (Transmission Control Module) is the computer that’s responsible for controlling your vehicle’s transmission. The Electronic Control Transmission is an automatic transmission which uses modern electronic control technologies to control the transmission. The body control module receives data from the input devices and controls the output devices based on this data. It essentially functions as the main computer for many of the vehicle’s engine performance and drivability functions. . Similar systems are used in conjunction with various semi-automatic transmissions, purely for clutch automation and actuation. The TEHCM is a multi-purpose part that acts as the transmission control computer along with some sensors and shift solenoids. 1. The powertrain control module energizes the transmission control indicator lamp (TCIL) when the switch is off. Tech2 diagnostics (mechanic said it didn't read anything) $110 2. Oct 07, 2019 · 4L80E TRANSMISSION TECHNOLOGY. 0 (Opel) The new 5-speed automated manual transmission from Opel/Vauxhall, Easytronic 3. This is done by relaying the shift signal about the shift request at the electronic selector lever module control unit over a direct line to the automated manual transmission control unit. What does this mean? OBD2 Code P0700 Pontiac definition: The Transmission Control Module (TCM) monitors the malfunction of sensors and actuators relating to transmission control. If the TCM detects a fault in the automatic transmission and sets a transmission related fault code, the ECM is informed of this also and sets a P0700 in the ECM memory. 242423911234. This can be a nightmare or prove to cause a severe accident. A driver has the option to select shift maps depending on the action such as towing they want to execute. Transmission-Based Precautions are the second tier of basic infection control and are to be used in addition to Standard Precautions for patients who may be infected or colonized with certain infectious agents for which additional precautions are needed to prevent infection transmission. The ECM or engine control module is exactly what it sounds like, it helps control the engine. Similar to the ECM, in automatic transmission vehicles, the TCM takes in information and data from various switches and sensors in your car. Changing out the transmission module will cost you $210- $1,100. If the driver does not resort to using the manual mode, then the “smart” software will switch the transmission to the automatic mode, i. A Transmission Control Module (TCM), also known as a Transmission Control Unit (TCU), is an electronic device that controls the automatic transmission in your vehicle. Study now. On most applications, each solenoid’s operating circuit is monitored, and there is a built-in self-diagnostic capability. Wheel speed sensors Dec 21, 2015 · What does a BCM body control module do? A body control module (BCM) is a computer used to control electrical items in a car or truck which used to be controlled individually by switches. It allows the technician to set the transmission control module initial setting so that the speedometer readings will be correct. Nov 21, 2015 · From the 79 code I provided from general mechanic indicated torque converter solenoid in value body is malfunctioning. Module 1 - influenza and its transmission 4 SLIDE 5 Pandemic influenza training modules for humanitarian agencies 5 | Module 1: Influenza – what is it and how do you get it? Where does influenza come from? zSo far, all human influenza viruses have originally come from birds zThere are many types of bird ( avian) influenza viruses Shop Volkswagen Beetle Auto TRANSMISSION CONTROL. TD – Turbo Diesel . #2. Engine Control Module (ECM), Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC), Guide, 2010 Emissions. When you have a faulty transmission control module, you will experience: Delay in acceleration even when the gas pedal is floored. Problems in it can cause and/or mask the problems in the other modules of a car. TDC – Top Dead Center . 30 Day Guarantee for swap or refund. The driver has to sense forwards or backwards movement, acceleration, the clutch biting point and engine speed etc. $1000 to replace the TCM if step1 does not fix the issue. The valve body includes the Transmission Control Module (TCM), all solenoids and sensors, and can. Sep 05, 2008 · The TCM is an electronic control module that receives input or provides output in order to control the operation of the 4T45-E automatic transmission. When a transmission assembly, TCM, or valve body is replaced, the performance characteristic data for the solenoids must be retrieved from an online web server and reprogrammed into the TCM using SPS. Jun 14, 2019 · There are generally two speed sensors that work in conjunction to provide accurate transmission data to the vehicle's powertrain control module. Transmission codes and sensor data on late-model vehicles is accessed through the OBD II diagnostic connector and the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) diagnostic gateway module. The electrical value (s) of the power relay control circuit must go beyond the functional parameters in order for the TCM to recognize a problem and then proceeds to turn on the check engine light in the instrument cluster with code P0886. Most frequently, it is integrated into the PCM. Dorman Transmission Control Modules are completely remanufactured and tested, including replacement of all necessary components for a complete and convenient repair. 0, is using electrohydraulic actuators for clutch and gear shifting. There is a portion of the PCM’s strategy for shift stabilization, which helps to reduce hunting. Copy. It also alerts your computer of any transmission issues. The 4L80E transmission relies on electronic controls from the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). Jan 05, 2009 · The transmission does not shift correctly. Best Answer. BMW Transmission Control Modules TCM. Part Number: 29543300. Mar 13, 2014 · Question: Can a bad TCM (transmission control module) cause, stuck key, fuel and temp gage to register zero, traction control light, THEFTLOCK to show up on stereo display? Things The dealership has tried so far: 1. Apr 12, 2020 · A transmission control module is a mechanism that regulates a vehicle's automatic transmission by processing electrical signals. Mar 28, 2012 · What is a transmission control module on a 2002 dodge caravan? Wiki User. Oct 10, 2019 · Most manual transmissions do not have solenoids. Some vehicles have shift maps that are selectable by the driver based on usage, such as towing. Each unit is thoroughly tested for its performance. Transmission Interface -Module 34C •Transmission Interface is a Convenience Package •Allows Body Builders to access Features of the Allison transmission at a convenient location •The option provides a harness that connects circuits from the Inputs and Outputs of the Allison Transmission Control Module to a Connector the Body Builder can Aug 23, 2017 · 4. They recommended replacing valve body and transmission control module as "preliminary" repair - they said they are unable to determine if any further repairs needed to resolve. #1. The transmission feels like it shifts to Neutral or a loss of drive occurs. Automatic transmissions, however, rely on solenoids to facilitate gear changes. This module typically receives some of its input from dedicated sensors within the transmission, but some of the information necessary for proper transmission function must be sent to the TCM by the Engine Control Module Dodge Transmission Control Modules. The TCM is attached to the. One of the common components of the system to fail is actually outside of the transmission and is often overlooked until it is too late. Your vehicle’s Transmission Control Module is a vital component of any road-going vehicle that runs on an automatic transmission system. In most basic terms, an ignition module is an electronic replacement for old, mechanical contact breakers like ignition points. The TCM is programmed for maximum shift comfort and fuel economy. Figure 1 shows an overview of the transmission control system. The Transmission Control Module (TCM) connectors on GM 6T70 / 6T75 transmissions are prone to damage during shipment and handling. $540 to clean the leak and change the AT electric plug. These components are also referred to as “ignition control units” and “ignitors A body control module (BCM) plays a central role in a car by maintaining control over its various functions. Most modern automobiles come with a TCM unit, which is handy compared to relying on mechanical or hydraulic control. Jan 06, 2019 · The transmission control switch (TCS) is a momentary contact switch. This is the part that’s responsible for calculating the right time and place to change the current gear. Genuine Nissan Part - 31036-1SX0C (31036-1SX0A, 31036-1SX0B, 310361SX0C, 310F6-1SX0B) Transmission Control Module (TCM), Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) The bulletin provides Transmission Control Module (TCM) diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) for VOLVO VN, VHD and VAH vehicles. When the switch is pressed, a signal is sent to the powertrain control module to allow automatic shifts from first through fourth gears or first through third gears only. Aug 18, 2013 · Think about the degree of control required to drive a vehicle onto a ramp. Sep 26, 2014 · Tcm is the transmission control module and the WCM is the wireless control module something with they key. Control System Overview The Transmission Control Module (TCM) controls the operation of the transmission. Jan 26, 2020 · TRANSMISSION CONTROL MODULE - 8HP45/8HP70. Each control module offers its own advantages but because the TCM is external, it is easier to work on. CONTOUR UNIT Telematics, Lighting -OEM Volkswagen Part # 09G927750AP (09G-927-750-AP) This module is for vehicles that need more integration, it can also be configured to merge factory servo-less cruise control systems and factory dash gear displays with the Allison control system. Sep 24, 2013 · A transmission control unit (TCU) is similar to an engine control unit, but it is responsible for the proper operation of a modern transaxle or transmission. Jan 10, 2019 · Transfer Case Control Module Symptoms You Should Not Ignore. This is the process whereby the transmission relearns new shift pressure and timing values. If any component of the valve body. 2006 - 2014 GM T42 Transmission Computer. Since the connector is integral to the TCM, a damaged connector will render the TCM useless. Good used, cleaned and inspected Allison TCM (Transmission Control Module). what does a transmission control module do

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